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The following books are available from the Mullin Automotive museum by calling 805-385-5400.

  • Bugatti Type 43 Register and Data Book by Jack du Gan - $150
  • American Bugatti Register and Data Book, 2003 by Sandy Leith - $60
  • The Swiss Bugatti Register, 2008 - $110
  • Bugatti Type 35C, No 4928 by Lennart Haajanen - $55
  • Bugatti Type 46, La Petite Royale - $200

Additional books and posters are also available at

Rare and out-of-print as well as the latest publications.
Many more books on the other French classics as well.
Contact Don Toms for a comprehensive list and notice of forthcoming titles.
                   941-727-8667     7309  52nd Drive East  Bradenton  FL 34203


Book Addendums

Since the publication of my book, "The Bugattis of Jean De Dobbeleer", a number of people have contacted me regarding the identification of some of the previously unidentified cars in the book, and pointing out some errors in fact that need to be corrected. I would like to thank, in no particular order, the following people for their contribution. Pierre-Yves Laugier, Dick Ploeg, Herb Tobin, David Woodhouse, Jerry Prochaska, Jeroen Vossen, George Sackman, and John Wilburn. My intent is that this addendum will be a living document that will be updated when additional information becomes available. I welcome input from anyone who may have a comment on the book and its content. You may contact me at

I would like to thank everyone who purchased my book, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed authoring it."

Charles "Chuck" Fawcett

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